around the world in 80 minutes | 29 march 2013

WASHINGTON POST: Slideshow: The man generals and diplomats listen to.
THE FINANCIAL TIMES: The Afghan who mentors America’s top generals.
THE FINANCIAL TIMES: Trouble at Syrian camp in Turkey alarms UN
THE FINANCIAL TIMES: Arms shipments stepped up to Syria rebels.
AL JAZEERA: Syria opposition opens embassy in Qatar.
AL JAZEERA: Iraqi cities hit by wave of mosque bombings.
FOREIGN POLICY:North Korea’s actual missile capability vs. threatened missile capability.
FOREIGN POLICY: Russia considers returning to Afghanistan.
REUTERS: Central African Republic coup leader to review resource deals.
THE GUARDIAN: Cyprus has a future in the euro, insists president.
THE GUARDIAN: Silvio Berlusconi reiterates call for grand coalition government in Italy.
THE GUARDIAN: After Cyprus, how many more crises can the eurozone survive?
THE GUARDIAN: Kraftwerk denied China visa over 1999 Free Tibet concert.


FOREIGN POLICY: James Traub – The African Century.


NBC NEWS: Darth Vader, Alien among revelers at Holy Week celebrations in Peru.



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