around the world in 80 minutes | 4 april 2013

REUTERS: U.S. agents seize Bissau “drug kingpin” at sea.
THE GUARDIAN: David Cameron urged to act over British Virgin Islands.

THE ECONOMIST: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: Intimations of mortality
FOREIGN POLICY: Is this the first unfiltered threat out of North Korea?
THE GUARDIAN: US defends military response to North Korea but seeks diplomatic solution.
FOREIGN POLICY: India’s Supreme Court has ruled against Big Pharma and for the country’s generic drug companies.
THE GUARDIAN: Vodafone and China Mobile join Burma telecoms race.
FOREIGN POLICY: Former Maldives president: ‘They have to finish me off for their coup to be successful’.
THE NEW YORK TIMES: Japan Initiates Bold Bid to End Years of Tumbling Prices.
THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE: Free-Condom Campaign Is A Pragmatic Shift In Vietnam’s Approach to Safer Sex.

REUTERS: Lebanon’s Salam emerges as likely new premier.
THE ECONOMIST: AUDIO | Turkey’s Kurdish rebels – A chance for peace?
BBC: Iran defiant ahead of nuclear talks.
REUTERS: U.S. official puts onus on Iran in upcoming nuclear talks.
THE GUARDIAN: Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli soldiers in West Bank.
FOREIGN POLICY: Assessing Obama’s Middle East strategy.
REUTERS: U.N. observers failing mandate to track Hezbollah arms: Israel.
THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE: Obama’s Shift From Freezing Settlements To Drawing Borders Creates New Problems For Israel.

THE GUARDIAN: VIDEO | Western Sahara: the world’s forgotten refugees.
REUTERS: EU worried about Egypt’s civil society proposals.
THE NEW YORK TIMES: Fall in Egyptian Pound Weighs Heavily on the Ill.

THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE: The Most Useless Exercise in Kenya.
FOREIGN POLICY: State Department offers $5m bounty in hunt for Joseph Kony.

THE GUARDIAN: Eurozone crisis: what next for Portugal?
REUTERS: Serbia has days to decide on Kosovo: minister.
REUTERS: Albanian PM’s coalition ally switches sides ahead of polls.
THE GUARDIAN: Union flag protests: more than 200 arrested in Northern Ireland.
THE FINANCIAL TIMES: Hungary unveils growth stimulus package.

THE GUARDIAN: Cuban ballet dancers defect on Mexico tour.
TEXAS OBSERVER: Female Founder of Mexico’s Most Controversial Blog Speaks for First Time.
FOREIGN POLICY: Haiti’s Inconvenient Truth.
REUTERS: Capriles mocks “skin-deep” socialists before Venezuela vote.

THE GUARDIAN: Chinese become world’s biggest-spending tourists.
REUTERS TV: Confident China flexes military muscle.



Samuel Brittan | The Financial Times

. . . advice of a deflationary and contractionary variety can be forced on countries in difficulties – such as the weaker eurozone members, which are victims of the so-called troika of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF. There is no way of forcing the advice of these bodies on powerful surplus countries. Thus the whole system has a deflationary bias when the world least needs it.

The one large country that has acted partly in line with the international consensus is Japan, which yesterday surprised and pleased markets by announcing an aggressive policy of monetary easing. But this was not because of the international consensus. Rather, it was because a new government has decided to try and put an end to years of stagnation.

. . . Germany offers another example of the ineffectiveness of consensus. For many years, it has been under pressure to expand home demand. I do not want to endorse the rigid pre-Keynesian orthodoxy that has descended on German policy, which is scant reward for the vigorous campaign conducted by Keynes in the 1920s against the burden of reparations imposed on Germany in the Versailles treaty. The moves to make a balanced budget a constitutional requirement suggest that the country’s leaders have imported an economic Bourbonism from their French neighbours. Policy may relax a little after the country’s elections this year, but don’t hold your breath.



Lyon, France: People of the roma community, who were evicted from their cam
Lyon, France: People of the Roma community who were evicted from a camp prepare to sleep on the street in front of the administrative court. | Photograph: Jeff Pachoud/AFP/Getty Images
Rangoon, Burma: Burmese workers clean a burned mosque
Rangoon, Burma: Burmese workers clean a burned mosque. | Photograph: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images.
Soldiers of US Army 23rd chemical battalion exercise
Uijeongbu, South Korea: A US army training exercise at Camp Stanley. | Photograph: EPA



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