About The Marcus Reader

marcMarc Brazeau | Curator
The Marcus Reader is a [mostly] daily collection of the best of what I’m reading online. I tend to include longer, thought pieces and interesting reporting rather than shorter blog posts. I try to include perspectives that I disagree with. Because of the format, I don’t comment on what I disagree with. But, I’m not trying to be neutral. I have strong views and those are expressed pretty clearly through my editorial choices.

I try to include some video and podcasts each day. I try to include some art and music each day.

I try to cover a range of topics each day and the quirks of my personality tend to dominate. My current universe of interests includes macroeconomics and finance, behavioral economics, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, evolutionary biology, nutrition, food politics, tech issues, urban planning and design, policy and politics.

I like weird old things. I like shiny new things. I love stories about rogues and cads.

I’m a college drop out. University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I’ve been a farm worker, construction worker, dishwasher, line cook, chef, restauranteur and a union organizer for SEIU and UNITE. Lately, I’ve been doing some stand up comedy and studying the American Revolution. The Marcus Reader is my way of giving my daily liberal arts education a little structure. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Wealthy widows wanting to make marriage proposals and other correspondence should be directed here: brazeau dot marc | at sign | gee mail | dot com


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